Sat, Aug 3 - 5, 2024


Name:       The Canadian Seniors' Championship 2024

Dates:       Saturday August 03 – Monday August 5,  Morning and Evening

Sponsor:    Calgary Chess Club (CCC)

Host:         CCC at CCC’s premises

TD:            Zeeshan Munir, 403-850-7171,

Format:     Swiss, 6-rounds, Classic 90/30 (game in 90 minutes plus 30 seconds/move),

                  CFC and FIDE rated, 2-Sections (Seniors 50-plus, Seniors 65-plus)

                  TD may require proof of Date of Birth.

Entry Fees:  Regular $120 

                   Early Bird $100 (if more than 24-hours ahead)

Eligibility:    Current CFC (Canadian Chess Federation) is required.

Prizes:          All entry fees will applied to the two prize pools without deduction,

                        i.e., CCC will cover the cost of the TD, Entry Fee  Processing, Rating Fees, etc.,

                        and provide free light snacks, coffee, tea, pop.

Bonus:          CCC will donate $50 cash (i.e., not from the prize pools) to the first 10 paid

                        entrants, who later show an appropriate airline receipt.


Address:    The Palma Centre, 3359 27 St NE, Suite 274, Calgary, AB T1Y 5E4.

Rounds:     Round 1: Saturday 10:00 am, August 03

                 Round 2: Saturday 04:00 pm, August 03

                 Round 3: Sunday 10:00 am, August  04

                 Round 4: Sunday  04:00 pm, August 04

                 Round 5: Monday  10:00 am, August 05

                 Round 6: Monday     4:00 pm, August 05

 Ratings:    CCC may use ratings as at Friday August 02.

 Head Arbiter/Organizer:   Zeeshan Munir  Contact Zee with concerns,

                   suggestions, etc., for tournaments in general, and appeals.

 TD:            Zeeshan Munir

TD Rules and Procedures:

1.    The TD will not accept promises !! of attendance or payment.

2.     To request a bye and receive a half-pt (max twice but not in the last round), contact the TD before the draw is made or at TD discretion.

3.     No-show default time is 30-minutes, but if a player and TD are in direct contact, an extra 15 minutes may be allowed at TD discretion.

4.     If no contact, the TD will assume the Player has withdrawn and will not pair the player.  No payments will be refunded.

5.     The TD reserves the right to merge Sections and/or change the number of Rounds and Times, depending on the number of entries.

6.     The TD has Board approval to eject any Player who violates CCC’s posted Zero Tolerance Policy.

Purchase of Entry Fees and/or CCC Membership:  May be made:

         via the website, or

         via Etransfer to, password is 'Excellence', or


 CFC Membership:  Required, but CCC does not accept payments for CFC.

                                   If necessary, join/renew CFC membership online at


                                   In Alberta, the annual fee is Adult $43, Junior $28.

                                   Alternatively, a CFC single-tournament membership is Adult $20, Junior $10.

                                   If a Player joined/renewed CFC recently, TD may require proof.

Sat, Aug 3 - 5, 2024

Zeeshan Munir

Tournament Director
Zeeshan Munir

Calgary Chess Club
3359 27 St NE, Suite 274, Calgary, Calgary


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