Mission Statement

At Calgary Chess Club, our mission is to foster a thriving chess community in the heart of Alberta. We are dedicated to promoting the love of chess, offering a welcoming environment for players of all skill levels, and nurturing the growth of strategic minds. Through tournaments, educational programs, and a shared passion for the game, we aim to inspire, educate, and unite chess enthusiasts in the Calgary region.


Our membership is made up of a diverse group of people numbering upwards of 2,000 adult, junior and senior players, male and female, who participate in activities from casual play all the way up to the professional world championship stage.

The club offers regular weekly meetings, lessons, and structured competitive events. We are a registered member of national and international chess governing bodies. We continually work towards improving the skill level of our members and raising the profile of the game in schools and the larger community.


Tournament play. Classical 90/30 time. These events are CFC and FIDE-rated. You must be a member of the Calgary Chess Club and a member of the Canadian Chess Federation to participate. Tournaments include The Grand Tour, The Grand Prix, The Bobby Fischer Memorial, and The Dale Haessel Classic.

Wednesday Blitz Tournament. This is a fun casual night of 5/3 and 3/2 blitz chess. Everyone puts $5 into the pot and 40% is returned to the players as prizes. This event is not rated except for the last tournament of each month which is quick rated through the CFC. You must be a member of the Calgary Chess Club and The Canadian Chess Federation for the quick-rated tournament.

Chess Classes with Paul Gagne. These classes are for beginners and novices. The classes consist of 9 levels each level in 6 weeks duration.  This is a collaboration between the Calgary Chess Club and The BearsPaw Chess Club. You do not have to be a member of the Calgary Chess Club to attend.

Friday Open House and Family Social. This event every Friday is a must for the chess community. Our Open House is free of charge and is an introduction to the chess club. Very relaxed and casual. Many games of chess are played and great conversations in our lounge. This is open to the public and membership is not required to attend. (your visits will lead to membership in the future.)

On selected weekends there are major tournaments that are CFC Rated and FIDE Rated. You must be a member of the Canadian Chess Federation if a Canadian resident. Some of these events have International competitors. Some of the tournaments include The Calgary Chess Club Championship, The Alberta Closed, The Alberta Open, The Battle of Alberta, The Alberta Women's Championship, The Alberta Seniors Championship, and The Canadian Open (not every year.) 


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