13th Calgary International Broadcast

By: Lars Lowther
9/20/2022 8:39:10 PM

The 13th Calgary International Classic is underway and the games are being broadcast on

The stream can be followed by accessing the games here.



GM      Magesh C Panchanathan   IND

GM      Enrico Sevillano                   USA

IM       Bitan Banerjee                     IND

FM      Grigoriy Morozov                RUS

FM      Zachary Dukic                       CAN

FM      Gary Ng                                 CAN

CM      Koosha Jaferian                   IRN

FM      Dale R. Haessel                    CAN

NM     Omid Malek                          CAN

NM     Patrick A Tolentino             CAN

#274 - 3359 27th Street NE
Calgary, AB
T1Y 5E4

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