13th Calgary International Chess Classic

By: Bhavik Dave
9/2/2022 9:12:29 AM

Sep 19 – 25,  2022


The 13th edition of the Calgary International Chess Festival will take place at the Calgary Chess Club between Sep 19 – 25.

The top event will be a 13th Calgary International Classic (10 player Closed Round Robin) with IM norm opportunity.  (Sep 20 – 25)


Calgary Chess Club
#274 3359 27 Street NE
Calgary, AB  T1Y 5E4

Alberta Chess Association

Calgary Chess Club

Bhavik Dave ( (403-826-6747)

Time Control
Rate of play is 90 min for 40 moves  + 30 minutes after move 40. Increment of 30 sec. for every move starting from move one

10 player closed round-robin CFC & FIDE Rated

Schedule of play

Round 1 – Sep 20 (Tuesday) 18:00 MT

Round 2 – Sep 21 (Wednesday) 11:00 MT

Round 3 – Sep 21 (Wednesday) 18:00 MT

Round 4 – Sep 22 (Thursday) 18:00 MT

Round 5 – Sep 23 (Friday) 11:00 MT

Round 6 – Sep 23 (Friday) 18:00 MT

Round 7 – Sep 24 (Saturday) 11:00 MT

Round 8 – Sep 24 (Saturday) 18:00 MT

Round 9 – Sep 25 (Sunday) 11:00 MT

Prize Distribution :  Sep 25 (Sunday) 18:00 MT

Late policy
Forfeit after 60 minutes elapsed after the published time of the round.

Prize Fund
Minimum 1000 CA$ (Top 3 prizes will be given in 50%-30%-20% distribution)

In case of a tie (including first place), the cash prizes will be split.

The winner of the tournament will be determined by applying the following tie breaking system in case of first place tie. The winner will get his name on the trophy.

1)     Head to head (if all those tied played each other).

2)     Sonneborn-Berger (Sum of all scores of opponents you won against and half the scores of opponents you drew.)

3)     Koya system (Total points scored against opponents who scored at least 50%).

4)     Most wins.

5)   Most games with black


GM      Magesh C Panchanathan   IND

GM      Enrico Sevillano                   USA

IM       Bitan Banerjee                     IND

FM      Grigoriy Morozov                RUS

FM      Zachary Dukic                       CAN

FM      Gary Ng                                 CAN

CM      Koosha Jaferian                   IRN

FM      Dale R. Haessel                    CAN

NM     Omid Malek                          CAN

NM     Patrick A Tolentino             CAN

Side Events:

(All Side Events will take place at Calgary Chess Club)

1 Open Tournament (CFC & FIDE Rated)

Friday – Sunday (Sep 23-25)

30 players maximum

Check ACA Schedule page for more detail. 

2. Lecture
Monday, Sep 19th 18:00 MT
GM Magesh C Panchnatahn, will give a lecture lasting one hour. Open to the public.
Entry fee: CA$10

3. Blitz Tournament with Title Players (Unrated)

Sunday, Sep 25th 16:00 MT

This will be 9 rounds Blitz 3+2 time control. Register at the door

Entry Fees: CA$ 10

#274 - 3359 27th Street NE
Calgary, AB
T1Y 5E4

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