Dan Scoones, chess historian, writer and one of British Columbia's leading players passed away.

By: Brian McLaren
4/19/2021 6:56:11 PM

Dan Scoone obituary.

I'm deep[ly saddened by the passing of longtime chess friend, Dan Scoones, who I have known for over 50 years. Since retiring several years ago, we have been meeting regularly to discuss the latest chess news, books and interesting games. For the last year, a group of us have been meeting on-line during the pandemic.

He had a huge collection of chess books and actually read them. He was the most knowledgeable chess player I have ever met. When meeting with the group on-line, someone could show a position (usually an endgame) and he would often recognize it as the famous (fill in the GM) game.

He was particularly fond of miniatures (wins in under 20 moves).


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