Kevin Gentes, Manitoba Champion passed away

5/17/2021 6:09:53 PM

Many time Manitoba Champion FM (FiDE Master) Kevin Gentes passed away on May 1, 2021.
Our records show that Kevin was Manitoba Junior Champion in 1984, 1985, and 1987, and overall Manitoba Champion in 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1998, 1999, 2007, and 2015.

Calgary Chess Club acquired a 240 chess book and 50 chess magazine collection for its library

5/12/2021 5:31:00 PM

The CCC has acquired an extensive 240 book collection from a B.C. chess player. It’ll be shipped to Calgary in the next few weeks.

CCC is getting audited by AGLC, again

5/12/2021 1:15:51 PM

For the second time in three years the CCC is getting audited by AGLC.

Dan Scoones, chess historian, writer and one of British Columbia's leading players passed away.

4/19/2021 6:56:11 PM

I am deeply saddened by the passing of longtime chess friend, Dan Scoones, who I have known for over 50 years. Since retiring several years ago, we have been meeting regularly to discuss the latest chess news, books and interesting games. For the last year, a group of us have been meeting on-line during the pandemic.

Frank Kluytmans, former Calgary Chess Club president passed away

4/7/2021 8:39:24 PM

It’s with sorrow and sadness I have to report that Frank Kluytmans passed away this past weekend. Frank was a strong player, long time Calgary chess club tournament organizer, tournament director, past CCC president and treasurer, past ACA president and director, and junior chess club instructor.

Eric Raymond Van Dusen, former CFC President passed away

4/4/2021 5:44:42 PM

Eric Raymond Van Dusen, former CFC president from 2006-2007 passed away from an enlarged heart on January 2, 2021. He was 57 years old. He will be missed by the Canadian chess community.

Our deepest condolences to Eric’s family.

2023 Canadian Open Chess Championship

3/31/2021 8:01:36 PM

Last night the CCC Board voted to submit a bid to the CFC this July to host the 2023 Canadian Open in Calgary.

If the the bid is successful it would be the first time since 1996 that Canada’s most prestigious tournament would be held in our city.

Peter Zingeler, member Calgary Chess Club Hall of fame passed away

3/6/2021 10:04:26 AM

It’s with sorrow and sadness we report that Peter Zingeler passed away in Victoria on February 18, 2021.

Peter was a member of the Calgary Chess Club Hall of Fame, the chief organizer of the 1975 Canadian Open in Calgary and a former president of the Black Knight chess club in Calgary in the 70’s and 80’s

Levon Aronian moves to USA!

3/6/2021 9:57:24 AM

Big news: Levon Aronian will move to St. Louis, Missouri, and change federations from Armenia to the USA.

Levon Aronian after his 2015 Sinquefield Cup victory.
Photo: Saint Louis Chess Club

Grandmaster Corner Feb 27, Mar 06, Mar 13, Mar 20, 2021

2/25/2021 6:28:47 PM

Saturday Feb 27 ...... GM Surya Ganguly
Saturday Mar 06 ...... GM Surya Ganguly
Saturday Mar 13 ...... GM David Navara
Saturday Mar 20 ...... GM Evgent Bareev

Welcome WGM Anna Zatonskih to the Club’s Grandmaster Corner!

2/12/2021 2:20:32 PM

A very happy welcome to WGM Anna Zatonskih, joining Calgary Chess Club’s Grandmaster Corner!

Anna is a Ukrainian and American chess player who holds the titles IM and WGM.

New Schedule

2/10/2021 1:36:49 PM

New Schedule during COVID-19

Calgary’s player of the year for 2020

2/10/2021 12:20:27 PM

Congratulations to Rex Yumen for becoming Calgary’s player of the year for 2020.

Rex won the shortened 2020 Grand Prix. He was also the runner up in the Alberta Blitz Open.

Annual General Meeting

2/10/2021 12:03:02 PM

We welcome Matthew Atwood, the new Vice President, Gordon Campbell continuing as the Treasurer and Michael Anderson as the new Secretary. Zeeshan Munir continuing as a Director and welcome to new Directors, Bob South and Donna Bird.

Stefan Sklenka is continuing as President.

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