Club Equipment Purchases

By: Lars Lowther
9/19/2022 11:37:38 AM

1. New Chess Sets
The club has recently ordered and received 25 beautiful new wooden boards and pieces, and is in the process of ordering an additional 25 DGT clocks.  The boards and sets have been well received by the membership and are a true pleasure to play with.
In addition, a number of items at the club were aging and not quite working as well as they used to and the club used a portion of its funding from AGLC to replace them. 
2. Printer and Paper Cutter
Our club has replaced its ancient (and loud) printer with a modern colour laser one.  We further acquired a paper cutter, which will allow us to cut our own scoresheets if we desire to make custom ones for special tournaments.  Both have already been used to great effect - the customized scoresheets for the Steinitz-Menchik Classic were printed on this printer by our treasurer, Gordon Campbell, who designed, printed and cut all of these.  The printer is also extremely quiet and will allow TDs to print in relative silence if needed during a tournament. 
3. Open Sign
We recently replaced the old open sign - which had been fading - with a new bright new open sign which displays the club hours even when the sign itself is turned off.
4. Microwave
Our old microwave was not heating as well as it used to.  This has been replaced with a new model that functions much better.
5. Internet Upgrade
As of July 4, 2022, the club has upgraded from 6MBps internet to 100MBps. This allows the club to stream multiple DGT boards with ease. Be sure to grab the new password and switch over to the upgraded wifi network when you visit the club next.

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