2nd Tournament of Legends

By: Stefan Sklenka
10/16/2021 7:40:35 AM

The 2nd Tournament of Legends took place on September 19th at the Calgary chess club. 87 year old legend Branimir Brebrich making the trip all the way from B.C. 6 top Calgary players participated in this year’s version, down from 12 last time. No doubt covid-19 played a part this year, as some players stayed home as a precaution. Michael Anderson did an astounding job TD’ing his first tournament. In the end it was Andrew Boik narrowly taking first place over Greg Huber, last year’s winner. Everyone had a great time, and I think most of the players will be back next year when the third version of this tournament will take place.

#274 - 3359 27th Street NE
Calgary, AB
T1Y 5E4

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