Club Equipment Purchases
Lars Lowther
9/19/2022 11:37:38 AM

The Calgary Chess Club has made a number of acquisitions and upgrades to the club over the last year.

CBC Article on CCC members
Lars Lowther
9/4/2022 5:42:45 PM

CBC's Dan McGarvey interviewed several members of the Calgary Chess Club earlier this year.

Branimir Brebric Inducted into Canadian Chess Hall of Fame
Lars Lowther
9/4/2022 5:36:06 PM

One of the major historic organizers of Chess in the province of Alberta and our city, Branimir Brebric was inducted in the Canadian Chess Hall of Fame in 2022.

2nd Tournament of Legends
Stefan Sklenka
10/16/2021 7:40:35 AM

The 2nd Tournament of Legends took place on September 19th at the Calgary chess club.

87 year old legend Branimir Brebrich making the trip all the way from B.C. 6 top Calgary players participated in this year’s version

Calgary Junior Chess competition
Stefan Sklenka
10/16/2021 7:24:00 AM

We are happy to announce that Tanishka Gokhale, currently participating in the Grand Tour tournament, and a frequent guest at the Friday Public Open houses (7-10 pm), won the following tournaments conducted by CJCC Calgary Junior Chess Centre

CCC Public Open House
Stefan Sklenka
8/18/2021 7:51:46 PM

A new attendance record was set today for Friday Public Open House with 36 players showing up for some Friday the 13th chess fun.

How to register for CCC tournament
Stefan Sklenka
8/16/2021 6:43:50 PM

A valid CCC account is required in order to register for the tournament. Click to find step by step instructions to register or login into your account, make the payment for the tournament, valid CFC ID and more..

Bobby Fischer Memorial Tournament
Stefan Sklenka
7/14/2021 3:47:33 PM

A record number of 32 players joined the Bobby Fischer Memorial tournament, the first over the board tournament since March 2020. With many of the regulars still staying home because of covid-19 precautions, it seems it’s just a matter of time before we reach 40 players attending our Tuesday night tournaments.

Calgary Chess Club tournament CCC account and tournament registration support
Stefan Sklenka
7/4/2021 11:54:59 PM

Dear CCC members and chess friends:

Please use the Zoom links below to get help with starting your CCC account, registering for a tournament or paying your CFC and/or CFC membership(s). You can use any Zoom link you like.

Grandmaster Corner Sat, June 26 by GM David Navara
Stefan Sklenka
6/25/2021 4:09:22 AM

GM David Navara will be doing a lecture for the Calgary chess club this Saturday on zoom. It’s only $9.99 for 2 hours of entertainment and instruction.

Ask David your own personal questions! Steve Sklenka is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Grandmaster Corner Sat, June 19 by GM Aleksandr Lenderman, June 26 by GM David Navara
Stefan Sklenka
6/10/2021 12:07:27 PM

After taking a month off the Grandmaster Corner returns! We’ll have a shortened version for the month of June. GM Aleksandr Lenderman who put on a fabulous show last time is back! He’ll be with us this Saturday June 19 at 11:00 am Calgary time.

We have GM David Navara coming back on June 26.

Magazine and Books donated to the Calgary Chess Club
Stefan Sklenka
6/2/2021 5:08:59 PM

Paul Usselman, a long time CCC member, a former Alberta open champion and ACA member, has once again donated several boxes of books to the CCC’s ever growing library.

Thank you.

Gerald Pfeffer joins the 2023 Canadian Open organizing committee
Stefan Sklenka
5/12/2021 1:28:53 PM

Gerald Pfeffer has joined the CCC 2023 Canadian Open organizing committee.

Canadian Chess personality Cecil Rosner
Stefan (Steve) Sklenka
5/10/2021 5:54:16 PM

Chess personalities across Canada. Cecil Rosner, the executive producer of CBC’s Fifth Estate has been very influential in the Winnipeg chess arena.

Grandmaster Corner Sat, May 01st by GM Evgeny Shtembuliak
Stefan Sklenka
4/26/2021 1:26:52 PM

GM Evgeny Shtembuliak is going to be on the Grandmaster Corner this Saturday at 11:00 am.

Pat Moore joins the 2023 Canadian Open organizing committee
Stefan Sklenka
4/25/2021 8:01:01 PM

Pat Moore has joined our 2023 Canadian Open organizing committee. He has been a relentless CCC volunteer since joining the club about 3 years ago.

GM Anna Muzychuk refuses to play in Saudi Arabia
Stefan Sklenka
4/25/2021 7:51:28 PM

Chess Grandmaster Anna Muzychuk, on refusing to play in Saudi Arabia. We should all be more like Anna.

In a few days, I'll lose two world titles, one after another. Because I decided not to go to Saudi Arabia. I refuse to play by special rules, wear abaya, be accompanied by a man so I can get out of the hotel, so I don't feel like a second-class person.

Candidates Tournament 2020-21, Round 8 - live!
4/21/2021 11:58:24 PM

After the longest half-time break ever, the Candidates Tournament in Yekaterinburg resumes today. The second part of the tournament begins at 16:00 local time (13:00 CEST, 7:00 ET) with round 8. Ian Nepomniachtchi and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave share the lead with 4.5/7 and in round 8 they meet their pursuers Anish Giri and Fabiano Caruana who both have 3.5/7. Follow the games live with commentary by Magnus Carlsen (!), David Howell and Tania Sachdev.

Dustin Rogers joins the 2023 Canadian Open organizing committee.
Stefan Sklenka
4/19/2021 7:39:34 PM

Dustin Rogers has joined our 2023 Canadian Open organizing committee. He brings with him a wealth of organizing experience.

Magazine stand donated to the Calgary Chess Club
Stefan Sklenka
4/16/2021 7:48:07 PM

Angelo Tolentino, former ACA President, CYCC President and a chess coach donated a brand new magazine stand to the Calgary chess club.

Thank you Angelo!

Volunteers needed to be part of a Fundraising Committee for the 2023 Canadian Open Chess Championship
Stefan Sklenka
4/16/2021 4:06:06 PM

We’re looking for 4-8 people to be a part of a Fundraising Committee for the 2023 Canadian Open Chess Championship to be held in July 2023 in Calgary. This is a great opportunity to meet interesting people, gain recognition and to give back to the community. Be part of a close knit group that will be instrumental in the success of the 2023 Canadian Open.

The CCC will provide training, support and cover any refreshments.

Grandmaster Corner Sat, April 10th - A Review
Kerry Liles
4/12/2021 6:06:35 PM

Kerry Liles's insight to the latest Grandmaster Corner lecture by GM Alexandr Lenderman

1951 Canadian Chess Championship
Stefan (Steve) Sklenka
4/12/2021 4:43:07 PM

While Calgary will submit a bid on August 1st, 2021 to host the 2023 Canadian Open Chess Championship in Calgary, the first Canadian Open was held in 1956 in Montreal when 88 players participated in the newly formed tournament.

70 years ago in 1951 the Canadian Closed Chess Championship was held in Vancouver to determine the best Canadian chess player in Canada.

Grandmaster Corner Sat, April 17th by GM Evgeny Bareev
Stefan (Steve) Sklenka
4/11/2021 6:41:17 AM

GM Aleksandr Lenderman’s lecture this past Saturday was top class. This Saturday April 17th we have Canada’s #1 player GM Evgeny Bareev back on the GM Corner.

Frank Kluytmans, former Calgary Chess Club president passed away
Frank Dixon
4/10/2021 8:42:07 AM

We are reproducing here with permission, an article on Frank Kluytmans written by Frank Dixon, that was originally posted on Chesstalk.

Special guest on the Grandmaster Corner this Sat, April 10
Stefan (Steve) Sklenka
4/6/2021 3:54:39 PM

GM Aleksandr Lenderman will be our special guest on the Grandmaster Corner the Saturday.

2023 Canadian Open Chess Championship Planning
Stefan (Steve) Sklenka
4/4/2021 5:55:43 PM

Here we are already planning the 2023 Canadian Open Chess Championship with Ted Wilson, who was on the organizing committee the last time the Open was in Calgary in 1996.

If anyone would like to be on the organizing committee or would like to help in general please submit your inquiry to, as we are already looking at some potential applicants.

Grandmaster Corner Apr 10, 17, 24 & May 01, 2021
Stefan Sklenka
3/31/2021 8:43:19 PM

All lectures will be 2 hours
11:00 am to 1:10 pm MST

Sat Apr 10 .. GM Aleksandr Lenderman
Sat Apr 17 .. GM Evgeny Bareev
Sat Apr 24 .. GM Aleksander Mista
Sat May 01 .. GM Evgeny Shtembuliak

The Grandmaster Corner continues with the 3rd leg of 4 GM’s in a row. GM Aleksandr Lenderman will start off these series of interactive lectures on April 10th. Book your Zoom link today. “Seating” is limited.

2023 Canadian Open Chess Championship
Stefan (Steve) Sklenka
3/14/2021 12:32:09 PM

CCC Board voted to submit a bid to the CFC this July to host the 2023 Canadian Open Chess Championship in Calgary. If the the bid is successful it would be the first time since 1996 that Canada’s most prestigious tournament would be held in our city.

Grandmaster Corner Mar 13, 2021
Stefan (Steve) Sklenka
3/11/2021 6:44:15 PM

GM David Navara will be our special guest on Grandmaster corner this Saturday March 13 at 11:00 am MST.
Anyone can join us for this interactive Zoom lecture and an opportunity to talk to GM Navara.

For your Zoom link please etransfer $16.00 to
Password: 2021master

The Evgeny Bareev Online 10/3 Tournament (CFC Rated)
Stefan (Steve) Sklenka
3/10/2021 6:30:23 PM

Guaranteed $250+ in prizes

16 Rounds of chess over 4 Weeks

This tournament is Swiss Format and the first of its kind in online competition!

Grandmaster Corner Feb 27, Mar 06, Mar 13, Mar 20, 2021
Stefan (Steve) Sklenka
2/22/2021 11:46:20 PM

Saturday Feb 27 ...... GM Surya Ganguly
Saturday Mar 06 ...... GM Surya Ganguly
Saturday Mar 13 ...... GM David Navara
Saturday Mar 20 ...... GM Evgent Bareev

Grandmaster Corner Feb 27, Mar 06, Mar 13, Mar 20
Stefan (Steve) Sklenka
2/12/2021 2:39:49 PM

Canada's #1 GM Evgeny Bareev and Ukraine's #1 GM Evgeny Shtambuliak, Czech Republic's long time #1 GM David Navara will be presenting a two hour lecture for the "Amateur to Master" program on March 13.

CCC Staff
2/11/2021 12:47:10 AM

Anything goes! We are looking for contributions with an instructional angle. Played a nice game lately?

Amateur to Master Jan 23, 30, Feb 06, 2021
Stefan (Steve) Sklenka
2/1/2021 2:39:49 PM

4 week “Amateur to Master” 2 hour programs
January 23, 2021 @11:00am by GM Aleksander Mista
January 30, 2021 @11:00am by GM Evgeny Bareev
February 06, 2021 @11:00am by GM Evgeny Bareev
February 14, 2021 @11:00am by GM Evgeny Shtembuliak

Contributed to the Club
Stefan (Steve) Sklenka
11/7/2020 9:24:22 AM

A big Thank you to Bill and Mary Fochuk who generously donated complete volumes of the National Geographic magazines from 1979 to 2005.
These magazines will be added to the Calgary chess club library for the reading pleasure of all the patient parents in our Skittles (Parents) room.

Joyce Tse donated a collector's edition set of National Geographic magazine scans on CD’s.

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