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Sklenka, Steve

Alberta Rapid Championship

Butch Villavieva's path to the title was an interesting one, meeting four juniors in a row. Young April Wang, who showed her talent by winning two games of her own in the event, was the first to concede a game against the eventual winner. We expect her to climb the ranks quickly! Next came a loss to Patrick Angelo Tolentino, who somehow manages to defeat players in the 2300 Elo range more often than his own rating would suggest. Impressive!

Calgary Chess Club

Next came a win over Jonathan Wu, and then a crucial win over Anand Rishi Chandra. Young Anand has recently and quietly surpassed the 2200 Elo mark, and easily remains one of Calgary's most promising junior talents.

In the fifth round Butch finally got his first pairing against another adult player, which turned out to be distinguished University of Calgary professor Vassil Dimitrov. Vassil has not been very active lately, but is clearly very proficient in the faster time controls. The match ended with Butch winning narrowly.

A win in the sixth round over Hemant Srinivasan, another of our promising juniors of course, left Butch in clear first, a half point in front of three or four players in close pursuit with just one round to go. Butch's final opponent, Avelino Angelo Tolentino who has just recently returned to competitive play after a long hiatus, fell to a strong kingside attack that proved indefensible. Congratulations to Butch Villavieva, who is the new Alberta Rapid Champion!

Elsewhere FM Dale Haessel, who as always was one of the favourites to win the title, lost games against Avelino as well as Anand, while also conceding a draw to Hemant.

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