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Sklenka, Steve

Chess Library Donation Month

Calgary Chess Club Library

February is the Calgary Chess Club donation drive month. We would love to add chess books and magazines, and really any other related items to our growing collection...

I have kicked off the drive myself today by donating all 260 or so titles from my own collection to the Calgary Chess Club. They take up nearly six shelves in our newly acquired cabinets, which are ready to hold much more interesting material. Our goal is to reach donations of 500 books and magazines by the end of February.

Calgary Chess Club

We need your help! Most of us have acquired at least a few books over the years, and some of us a great many more. If you are like me and have not made the most of what was purchased, please consider a donation to the club where others can enjoy those resources. Many of our junior members for example would benefit a great deal from access to good quality instructional material!

We will track all donations, and display the names of the most generous donors with the contents of the library. So far Chris Kuczaj, Gregory Huber, Paul Usselman and Steve Sklenka have given the most. If you can help, please contact Thank you!

Our donation drive is picking up steam, as long time member Bill Bentley has donated around 90 books to our library, followed by newcomer Zeeshan Munir who contributed $500! Zeeshan's generosity marks the first cash donation in support of our library, and we look forward to the acquisition of many new titles that otherwise would likely be unattainable for us. Thank you both for your kindness and generosity! Our goal of acquiring 500 books and magazines in February now stands at 350!

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