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Sklenka, Steve

Historical 1954 Chess Set Returns Home

Historical 1954 Chess Set Returns Home

A big thank you goes out to attorney Chuck Grau of Bedford, New Hampshire, which is located 50 miles north of Boston, USA. Chuck has generously donated a historical chess set back to the Calgary Chess Club that we originally sold to an unknown player on December 23, 1954. Even the original receipt is included. Chuck is a collector of beautiful chess sets, and became the owner of this particular set four years ago.

Historical 1954 Chess Set Returns Home

The set is in fabulous original condition and, after 65 years, has found its way back to Calgary, where it will become part of the Calgary Chess Club museum. It would be interesting to locate the person who signed the check on behalf of the Calgary Chess Club, all the way back in 1954! Currently that is a mystery.

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