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Calgary Chess Club Annual Christmas Party

Calgary Chess Club - Christmas Party
Calgary Chess Club

The third annual Calgary Chess Club Christmas Party will take place on Friday, December 6, 2019. Festivities begin at 15:00 with a simultaneous exhibition by FM Alex Yam, who is currently the city's second highest rated player. Alex will take on all challengers, and the exhibition is free to all club members.

At 19:00 the party starts in earnest, and will include an awards ceremony celebrating Player of the Year, Junior of the Year, Female Player of the Year, Game of the Year and other awards!

The event is open to, and completely free, to all Calgary Chess Club members and their guests. No alcohol is allowed on the premises, and we ask that each attendee bring with them a festive food item worth approximately $10, which will be shared with everyone else in a potluck format as in previous years. There will be a disc jockey and dance music; and Steve promises to show off what can be done on the dance floor with his lovely better half Marie!

The entire evening promises to be a fun and friendly affair. Seating is limited, so please contact for your RSVP!

The party was definitely my pleasure. Marie and Steve spent much time making it Christmassy and friendly. A lot of thankless work. All there will remember it as a great success.
Gordon Campbell

Our third annual Calgary Chess Club Christmas Party and Awards Ceremony was attended by 27, who all enjoyed the festivities and first class buffet. Ian Zhao was named player of the year, Maxim Vasic was top junior, Branimir Brebrich top senior, while Helen Chen took the top female award. Our most improved junior was Jonathan Wu, and most improved overall went to Michael Blanchard. Rex Yumen won the top newcomer category.

Paolo Veneracion and Branimir Brebrich contested the best game of the year at the Battle of Alberta. Marie Klarichich easily earned the unsung hero award. The most prestigious award of the year went to Peter Zingeler, who was inducted into the Calgary Chess Club Hall of Fame.

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