Our membership is made up of a diverse group of people numbering upwards of 2,000 adult, junior and senior players, male and female, who participate in activities from casual play all the way up to the professional world championship stage.

The club offers regular weekly meetings, lessons, and structured competitive events. We are a registered member of national and international chess governing bodies. We continually work towards improving the skill level of our members and raising the profile of the game in schools and the larger community.

Mission Statement

To bring together chess players in Calgary and surrounding areas who would like to share their hobby and interest in chess with each other.

To provide an organized tournament venue for competitive minded club members.

To promote increased knowledge and understanding of the game of chess through its club library of instructional books, videos, and online chess publications.

To promote special seminars, simultaneous chess exhibitions and tournaments with major national and international chess champions.

To secure financial support on a medium and long-term basis with sponsors as well as resources offered by the Provincial Government.

To achieve consistent, long-term success in the game through player development at the junior level, chess in schools, and libraries. Empowering interested individuals through lectures, affordable memberships and competitive playing opportunities.

To achieve public awareness of chess through the efforts of club members and volunteers, and through displaying the game of chess at parks, shopping centers and other public areas.

Membership in the Calgary Chess Club is open to any person with interest in the game, regardless of experience or playing ability.



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#274 - 3359 27th Street NE
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