2023 Junior Battle of Alberta

2023-08-30 By Sean Wu
In a thrilling chess tournament held in Red Deer on September 30, 2023, Team South emerged victorious in the 2023 Junior Battle of Alberta (JBOA). This remarkable achievement marked their fourth consecutive victory since 2018, in a tournament that has only been held four times during this period.
U12 Section: Team North entered the U12 section with a substantial average rating advantage, approximately 150 points higher than Team South. Despite this challenging rating deficit, Team South showcased their determination and fighting spirit. The top three boards, manned by Bryan, Felix, and Lucas, faced tough opposition and suffered losses in both their games. However, the remaining trio of players, Ryan, Jake, and Allison, displayed exceptional resilience, earning a combined score of 5.5 out of 6 points. This outstanding performance meant that, despite the tough competition, Team South narrowly lost the U12 section with a final score of 5.5 to 6.5.
U20 Section: In the U20 section, Team South had a rating advantage and utilized it to great effect. Nearly every player delivered strong performances. Emil Soberov achieved a significant milestone by defeating Tymur for the first time, while Maxim, Hemant, and Jonathan secured victories in their respective games. April, who was initially supposed to compete in the U12 section, impressively won both of her games. Ricky was the only player from Team South who faced challenges, losing both of his games against Mark. As a result, Team South dominated the U20 section, emerging as winners with a commanding score of 8 to 4.
Round 1: In the opening round of the tournament, notable results included a hard-fought draw between Keleberda and Soberov in the U20 section. Additionally, Wang secured a victory against Lu in this category. In the U12 section, Team South faced tough opposition, with Jake, and Allison contributing to crucial draws and wins.
Round 2: The second round saw Team South maintain their momentum in the U20 section, with notable victories by Emil, Maxim, Hemant, Jonathan, and April. In the U12 section, Jake and Allison achieved important wins, leading to a strong comeback.
Team South Roster:
  • Emil Soberov (2334)
  • Maxim Vasic (2220)
  • Hemant Srinivasan (2107)
  • Jonathan Wu (2132)
  • Ricky McCoshen (1934)
  • April Wang (1421)
  • Bryan Chan (1456)
  • Lucas Yuebo Wang (1451)
  • Felix Zhang (1367)
  • Jake Chi Hang Li (1338)
  • Ryan Li (1269)
  • Allison Chan (1090)
Team South's victory in the 2023 JBOA reflects their resilience, determination, and strong individual performances, underscoring their status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of junior chess.

Here is the results and standings


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