2017 Over/Under 1800


August 26-August 27, 2017
Calgary Chess Club
#274  3359 27th Ave NE

5 Round Swiss

Over 1800: CFC & FIDE Rated
Under 1800: CFC Rated

CFC membership required, annual memberships can be purchased on site ($43 for adults and $28 for juniors).
Note: CFC membership (if expired) must be renewed prior to start of round 1.  Memberships can be purchased on the CCC website:


Organizer:  Frank Kluytmans

Head ArbiterTBA

Time Control: Game in 90 + 30 second increment

Round Times: Saturday 10 a.m. 2 p.m. 7 p.m; Sunday 10 a.m. 2pm or ASAP.

Byes: Max 2 half point byes available in first 4 rounds if notified before start of round 1

Prizes: Entries less $5 expenses per player.

Entry Fee: GMs, IMs, FMs Free.  Adult $30, Junior (20 and under) $20. Add $5 for registration at the door.

Registration: Enter at the Calgary Chess Club on any Tuesday or Thursday evening or mail your cheque payable to the Calgary Chess Club to:
Calgary Chess Club, #274  3359 27th St. NE, Calgary, AB, T1Y 5E1

Over 1800 Final Standings >> http://calgarychess.com/WORDPRESS/?page_id=10381

Under 1800 Final Standings >> http://calgarychess.com/WORDPRESS/?page_id=10378






This is a Road Warrior event!