Final Report

2013 March of Kings Final Report


29 people participated in this year’s annual March of Kings tournament, 3 came down from Edmonton.

NM Daniel Kazmaier took a bye in Round 2, but still finished 1st, winning all his games with a final score of 4.5 points.

The major performance star in the tourney was our improving junior Diwen Shi.  He finished tied for 2nd-3rd overall with 4.0 points, after defeating expert Aaron Sequillion, class “A” Mike Zeggelaar, and NM Kim Nguyen, plus drawing with NMs Martin Robichaud and Gary Ng,

Prize Winners

1st Open NM Daniel Kazmaier 4.5 points $200

2nd Open NM Gary Ng 4.0 points  $100

3rd Open NM Martin Robichaud  3.5 points  $27.50

1st U2200  Diwen Shi 4.0 points  $100

2nd-4th U2200 Jim Daniluk 3.5 points  $27.50

2nd-4th U2200 Itohan Gold 3.5 points  $27.50

2nd-4th U2200 Yassen Bogoev 3.5 points  $27.50

1st-3rd U1800 Hemant Persaud 3.0 points  $51.66

1st-3rd U1800 Joshua Willie 3.0 points  $51.66

1st-3rd U1800 Trevor Robertson 3.0 points  $51.66

1st U1400  Tamir Bulga 2.5 points  $70

2nd-3rd U1400 Zeling Li 2.0 points  $20

2nd-3rd U1400 Raphael Libre 2.0 points  $20