2015 Battle of Alberta

Hi Southern friends!

Here’s a list of our team thus far, which I’ve sent to the tournament organizers. – Dan K. (captain)

  1. FM Alex Yam [2386] vs FM Vladimir Pechenkin [2379]
  2. Dan Kazmaier [2310] vs CM Rafael Arruebarrena [2354]
  3. Gary Ng [2301] vs Bitan Banerjee [2312] (FIDE)
  4. David Zhang [2298] vs NM Belsar Valencia [2299]
  5. FM Dale Haessel [2246] vs WIM Agnieszka Matras-Clement [2294]
  6. Diwen Shi [2242] vs NM David Miller [2285]
  7. Siarhei Leuchanka [2221] vs NM Nicolas Haynes [2277]
  8. Vlad Rekhson [2205] vs NM Robert Gardner [2256]
  9. Kris Boehmer [2148] vs NM Sasa Grumic [2233]
  10. Georgi Kostadinov [2091] vs NM Micah Hughey [2148]
  11. Jim Daniluk [2019] vs Dante Briones [1987]
  12. Mohammed Felah [1897] (FIDE) vs Mike Zeggelaar [1985]
  13. Yassen Bogoev [1828] ALTERNATE

[UPDATED 09.9.2015]

2015 Battle of Alberta Details

Date: September 12, 2015
Red Deer Lodge, Pine Lake Room
Address: 4311 49th Ave., Red Deer, Alberta

Battle Regulations

North battles South. Dividing line: Red Deer river or 52°16’05” elsewhere in the province.
12 players per team are arranged according to rating from highest down to lowest.
Each player plays two rounds against the same opponent, one game with white, the other with black.
Drawing of lots for colours will be done immediately before round 1.

Tournament Arbiter: Alexey Taranik

Captain of the defending champion North is Micah Hughey: mhughe@rocketmail.com. 780-807-6365

Captain of the South is Daniel Kazmaier: dan.kazmaier@gmail.com.

The winning team gets the Battle of AB trophy.
If the match ends up in a 12-12 tie, the defending champion North keeps the trophy.

CFC & FIDE rated
CFC membership is required and may be purchased on site.
Expired CFC memberships must be renewed prior to round 1.

Time control: Game in 90 minutes with a 30-second increment

Round times: 11:30 am and 3:30 pm. The Arbiter at his discretion may postpone the start by up to half hour if many of the players from one team are not available at the start for a good reason.

Default late time: 60 minutes unless the Arbiter decides otherwise.

Final roster/board order announcements must be made by noon, Wednesday, September 9th.
Players’ ratings will be determined by the CFC rating list published on September 3rd.
After the official roster announcement, replacements must be lower rated then the players they are replacing, and replace them on the same board. Replacements after the first game will only be allowed in case of an emergency. The final decision on whether to allow a replacement will be made by the Arbiter.

ACA will cover the venue rental costs including complimentary coffee and tea, CFC/FIDE rating fees as well as the TD fee. The captains must ensure that all their players are current CFC members or have purchased a tournament membership ($21 for adults and $11 for juniors).