Regular Tuesday night tournaments play at rate of 60 min per game + 30 sec increment after every move. Registration is confirmed at the door, and must be completed by 7:15 pm for the first round.  Participants MUST be ready to play at 7:00 pm for rounds 2-4 or will receive a 0 point bye.  These Tuesday tournaments are CFC rated, FIDE rules apply.  Fun play continues in the back (Skittles) room after the formal game is completed.

Regular Thursday night tournaments are Rapid Fun play, at rate of 15 min per game + 5 sec delay before every move.

Weekend tournaments range from one day Actives with rate of 25 min per game +10 sec increment, to 2-3 day events at standard rate of 90 min per game + 30 sec increment after every move.



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