Gary Ng Bio

I started playing chess at the age of 10 when a few kids were playing at school but refused to teach me the moves and said I was “too stupid” to play. This sparked my interest so I asked my mother to buy me a chess set and I learned the rules from the instructions that came with it. I went back to school and started beating all the other kids and never looked back. I started to compete in provincial, national, and international youth tournaments and quickly became one of the top junior players in Canada. At age 16, I won the Nova Scotia Closed (youngest ever) and the Canadian Under-18 Championships.

I was quite inactive in playing chess while focusing more on teaching chess, running youth chess events, and acted as president of the university chess club while studying engineering. Since the move to Alberta in 2012 for work, I’ve been more active in playing chess and have really enjoyed the tournaments and competition in Alberta.