Rules for Casino Account


·         The AGLC is very strict on how Casino money can be spent.  Everything must have a receipt.  Some expenditures have to have pre-approval.  The AGLC really likes support of juniors and hence CJCC.  The AGLC wants Casino money to be spent. 

1.    Any equipment, chess sets, boards and clocks that are used in the club is OK.

2.    Resale items, chess sets, boards and clocks must be paid from the General account.

3.    Rent lease payment can be paid from Casino money, the AGLC needs a copy of the lease agreement.

4.    Payment of Telus (phone and internet) can be paid from Casino.

5.    Our annual insurance due end of June, paid to Co-Operators, can be paid from the Casino money.

6.    Executive board members MUST be given to the AGLC, any changes have to be reported ASAP.

7.    Donations to other non-profit groups, like clubs at SAIT, UofC, libraries are OK, for total less than $5,000, without prior approval.  Example: used clocks, single weighted sets, money ex. $200. 

8.    In province travel, ex. To Red Deer for BattleofAB, AB Chess Challenge does not require pre-approval, just receipts.

9.    Out-of-province travel (to World events) requires pre-approval, post approval is OK, but forms must be submitted.

·         We must report General account usage to the Registry, this is annual reporting.

·         The next Casino report is due 60 days before our next Casino, 3rd quarter 2018. Actual date has not yet been assigned.  We plan to use Cash Casino again.

1.    Deposits can only be made from the AGLC, we expect a new deposit in the April/May 2018 timeframe.  The only exception are corrections.

2.    ALL payments must be made by cheque.  Each is classified by type:  ex.  Administrative (Lease, Insurance, Telus etc.), Equipment (Sets, boards, clocks, wall boards, computers, printers, lockers etc.), Banking Fees, etc.

3.    Last Casino report was accepted.

4.    The actual Casino report must show all transactions, sorted by date and classified, see #2.

5.    The summary totals by classification type gets transferred to the AGLC form.

6.    Older reports had to include receipts for every cheque, lately we do not have to do this.  Older reports were about 200-300 pages.